Lourdes Cue weaving landscapes, sounds, languages, myths and memory into a single experience


About Lourdes Cué

Born in Guadalajara, México, I first studied architecture at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), in México City, when my interest shifted toward the plastic arts. Still, this architectural influence has remained part of my work, especially in the unveiling of the geometric and organic forms always already existing in nature.

In the late 1970s I was a studio arts student at the University of Minnesota. In the early 1980s I transferred to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design where I received a BFA., majoring in sculpture. Upon my return to México City, I studied stone carving for three years with Japanese sculptor Kiyoto Ota. During this same period I worked as a curator at the Foro de Arte Contemporáneo and the gallery Arte Contemporáneo, both in México City. From the mid to the late 1980s I participated in several sculpture symposiums in Europe, as well as lecturing on Latin American art.

Since moving back to Minnesota in the early 1990s, my work has appeared in various solo and group exhibitions in galleries, museums and public spaces in México, the United States and Canada. In Minnesota I've been involved in diverse communities, not only as an artist but also as an educator, mentoring youth in the Phillips neighborhood, working with emerging artists, and running sculpture workshops at the Walker Art center, CreArte, the Minnesota Museum of American Art and Intermedia Arts, where I've participated in several educational programs and group shows.

As an educator, I've been interested in working with the Hispanic community. My approach is to create a space for young people to realize their own ideas about themselves, and to consider migration, memory and identity within their communities. On many occasions we have explored themes such as cultural differences and the impact of economic globalization on the Latin American and Hispanic community in Minnesota.

As a sculptor my work has concerned many venues that embodies environmental, conceptual and multi-media art, constantly moving between the intimacy of indoor installations to a broader approach to outdoor public art. My public art projects can be found in locations including the garden of the Museo de Arte Moderno in México City; Parc Marie-Victorin in Montreal, Canada; Franconia Sculpture Park in Shafer, Minnesota; Mobil Oil Corporation Offices in Aberdeen, Scotland; and Western Sculpture Park in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

I have received several awards in Europe, Mexico and the US. One of the highlights of my career was to be part of the International Stone Symposium 2006 (Minnesota Rocks!) in Saint Paul, where I was one of 14 sculptor participants.

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